Thank you for your purchase of the best Sportsman clutch on the market, The Red Devil !


·         Check the engine's crankshaft for smoothness and cleanliness. Remove all dirt, rust and burrs. 

·         Install the clutch, sprocket towards engine (unless you are using our outboard 9-10 tooth kit), checking to make sure the clutch does not extend over the end of the crankshaft

·         Install the hardened keyway provided with the clutch

·         Install the clutch mounting bolt


Clutch engagement needs to be set 200-400rpm above peak torque for the engine. Your clutch comes preset for the class and engine specified. Every engine has a different torque curve, so sometimes adjustment is necessary for peak performance. If you don't know the peak torque rpm and your clutch is not accelerating like you feel it should, set the clutch to a low rpm. Acceleration will be lazy but you'll do no damage. Once the clutch begins to bog the engine on acceleration, raise the engagement in ¼ to ½ turn increments (clockwise) until the engine no longer bogs on acceleration. You have now set the clutch to 100% optimum peak torque. One of the largest issues we see are clutches with engagement higher than peak torque which causes slippage, heat, and costly repair. Today’s OHV engines use torque at low rpm to accelerate, use the torque your engine has.

Break in

Clutch break in is very simple with our disc and surface design. Simply checking the engagement by slowly accelerating the engine rpm several times, and allowing the clutch to work while not under a load, on your new clutch is enough to start bedding the discs.

Important things to check for performance

Air Gap: This is the distance between the discs and clutch pressure plate. Too little and the clutch will drag and over heat. Too much and it will slip, hammer, chatter, and generally sound like it is destroying itself. Air gap needs to be at lowest .030” and at max .060”

Spring height: Our clutch is unique that it uses a progressive tall spring instead of relying on swapping various springs out. It is adjustable from 2500rpm to 4200rpm in stock configuration. Modified engines needing more than 4200rpm should remove the lever bolts to higher engagement. Setting the springs is simple, if you need more stall turn them in equally ¼ turn at a time, lower engagement turn the out equally. If you have any questions on engagement please contact us.


Clutch drive sprockets are taken very seriously in the design of our clutches. We use only SMC brand sprockets. They are heat treated, precision machined, and cost the same as more inferior products. Sprockets should be cleaned with brake cleaner or WD40, dried, then lubricated with High Temp Red Bearing Grease *** We will not warranty in any way, any clutch that is using the WMS or other cheap knock off sprockets. Do yourself a favor and buy good drive sprockets, whether it be from us, or another supplier. Using sprockets other than the SMC will require different shims to properly shim the sprocket on the inner race.


For cleaning instructions on this, and all other disc clutches, please visit our cleaning guide at: